Our Story           

Bonneamie is a Maine Coon cattery owned by Johanna Uuranto.
We are located in Rajamäki, 40 kilometres north of Helsinki, capital of Finland.
Our family consists of my fiance - Samu, Maine Coons and myself.

Bonneamie cattery is registered in  CFA, TICA and Fife.

I have been showing my cats in FIFE since 1995, CFA since 2004 and TICA since 2010.
 Showing cats is my passion and I actively show my cats in CFA and TICA shows around a world.

Bonneamie goal is breed show quality cats with super outgoing temperament.
We follow CFA and TICA standard.
From  every litter we place kittens as well for loving pet homes.

At the moment we have 2 males and 4 females in our breeding program.
 Keeping Maine Coons is our hobby.
 Cats are our pets
and they live with us, as family members, never caged.
 Our cats have safe outdoor run in which they have free acces.

 Bonneamie kittens are raised underfoot, with lots of love and playing and plenty of hugs and kisses.
 Kittens live with us until they are from 14 to 16 weeks old, depending their individual developement.
Kittens are always veterinary checked and vaccinated  3 times.
They are sold with health certificate and sales contract.
 We sell kittens only as indoor cats.

All breeding cats are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy checked.
We breed only with HCM-DNA negative and PK.Def.negative cats and our cats come from SMA-negative lines or they are tested negative for SMA. 
Bonneamie cattery is Felv, Fiv and microsporum canis negative.

Bonneamie kittens are living in China, England,Estonia, Poland, France, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands
and one of our sweet kitten is living in Brunei with Brunei Royal Family.

Feel free to contact us with questions about our cats.

Bonneamie Maine Coon Cattery
Johanna Uuranto
Maenpaantie 19
05200 Rajamaki, Finland
Mobile: +358-50-3580059
e-mail: bonneamie@jippii.fi

Our story updated 3.8.2016